On The Issues

I WILL  work hard to restore and support a more prosperous and stronger Pennsylvania.

America's Freedom and Liberty were born in the great state of Pennsylvania.  NOW is the time for Pennsylvanians to once again, LEAD THE WAY in restoring the first principles of personal freedom and individual liberty back to the people of this great state and nation. 

Our Campaign is going to WIN the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Bob Casey
- NO OTHER CANDIDATE WILL OUT WORK me - I simply will not let that happen!  

We will be visiting every county across the State.  Click "EVENTS" at top of this page to check when we will be in your area.
Note: (11/17) future events will be added after the holidays.
Have a fruitful Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May God Bless you and your loved ones. 


Restore and rebuild our military to face head-on the challenges to our national interests and security.  

American military supremacy across all areas and theaters of operation must be unquestionable to our allies and foes alike.  
(Land, Sea, Air, Cyber, and Space)  

Bobby believes applying Ronald Reagan’s policies of “peace through strength” and “trust and verify” will bring about a more secure America and greater allegiance in our strategic partnerships.   It is long past time for America to “lead from the front” once again.  After 11 months with our new President in office we have seen first hand the results of True Leadership. 

The improvement of Veteran Supportive Measures within the Veterans Administration will be one of the areas I focuses on.


I received my first shotgun from my father at the age of 10 and have lived a lifestyle that includes responsible gun ownership.  

"We the People" must adamantly DEFEND the 2nd amendment against the gun grabbing left extremists.
The National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act currently being considered in DC.  

As of May 1, 2017, there were about 135 House members and around 35 Senators that supported this legislation.  
Bobby WILL add his name to the list of U.S. Senators supporting it.  

He shares the late Justice Scalia’s view that “The Constitution is not a living organism.  It's a legal document, and it says what it says and doesn't say what it doesn't say."

Constitutional Carry in exercising our God given right to self preservation is something we will work to restore. 

Although I do support H.R. 38 at this point in time, I would offer caution during further movement through the Senate, as this bill could be a trojan horse.  The NICS System is a potential direct infringement on the adjudication process for individuals and may potentially be an infringement on our second amendment rights.  At this point in time, we have a team reviewing H.R. 38, as amended, and will have a statement shortly.  I am a firm supporter of constitutional carry and as long as H.R. 38 does not infringe on our constitutional rights, I will be supporting it.


"Too high and too complicated".  As a small business owner, Bobby relates to this common response when he asks people about their views of current tax code.   The federal government uses the tax code to divide us and pick winners and losers within the economy.  The very nature of the current U.S. tax code creates a huge door for special interest fat-cat lobbyists to walk into your wallet and pick it clean.   Taxing our productivity through the payroll deduction is outdated and punitive.   A simple flat tax would eliminate the power lobbyists have over our elected representatives and put a stop to the social engineering attempts of the current mess called our "tax code".   The Wall Street bailout was a farce played on the American taxpayers.   There should be NO corporate welfare and NO bailouts.


WE WILL BUILD THE WALL and get the BAD ONES OUT of our country.  Bobby fully supports Kate's Law that would make repeat offenders of our immigration laws serve minimum mandatory sentences and deportation.   Building the wall WILL help stop the flow of drugs into our country from the southern border.  The illegal drug trade is one of the greatest threats to our nation's youth and inner cities.  

Under the Constitution, the states delegated immigration to the federal government.  Now a few liberal judges want to overrule the power that has been delegated by law to the POTUS.

Under the Constitution "We the People" have the right to remove judges based on "misbehavior".   Guess what folks?  "We the People" get to decide what misbehavior means.   We have the power to band together and petition for the removal of ANY judge that "misbehaves".

Bobby supports the Senate bill known as the EL-CHAPO Act.   The bill would use the assets seized from drug smugglers and drug lords to fund building the wall. El-Chapo's assets alone are estimated around $14 billion dollars.

Attorney General Jeff Session's Plan to end funding for cities that do not follow U.S. immigration law should be fully implemented. (no sanctuary cities) 


Make smarter choices and better trade deals that place America's interests first.  Renegotiate NAFTA and other trade deals that have failed to put America's interests first.  We need fair trade deals that are a win-win for all nations that are parties to the deal.  The TTP deal was a huge one-sided, one-way deal for the American people.  President Trump was wise to keep the American people, yet again, from being taken advantage of by a "bad deal."   



Drill baby drill and an "all of the above approach".   The Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline approvals will create tens of thousands of new, good paying jobs for U.S. workers and help make America energy independent.   The less money we send out of our country, the better for our citizens.  

Clean Coal and Natural Gas are key to our energy independence.   New technologies and gas stack emission technology have made "Clean Coal" a safe and inexpensive energy source.  My wife and I still heat our home with Pennsylvania coal.  

Pennsylvania’s energy and manufacturing sectors have struggled for far too long.  Expanding our natural gas infrastructure will revitalize both sectors and create thousands of high-paying Pennsylvania jobs.   Exporting (LNG) liquified natural gas should be allowed ASAP to help bolster America's energy sector jobs.  



Are you kidding me?  The EPA was on steroids under the Obama administration and within the first 100 days, President Trump kept his promise to eliminate job-killing, over-regulation by the unchecked, big government, and heavy handed steamroller known as the EPA.  

Pulling us out of the Paris Agreement was the smart thing to do for our nation and our people.   It was a wealth redistribution agreement and nothing more.   

U.S. Senator Inhofe spoke on the Floor of the Senate on March 14, 2017 for over an hour about the history and false data that the climate change pushers spread around the globe.   He detailed  the movement's beginnings in the United Nations as the " sustainable building and municipal planning" movement in the 70's.  He went on to speak about it morphing over time to the "global warming movement", then into the current "climate change" farce it is today.  We all want clean air and clean water, and there must be rhyme and reason to the regulations. 

 The Hoax of climate change Sen. James M. Inhofe


Effective vetting and the need for due diligence is paramount when dealing with travelers from "Areas of Concern".   Our concerns are with the countries that were identified during the last term of the Obama administration.

Radical Islamic Terrorism must be confronted in every corner of the globe before it has a chance to spread.
Islamic  Extremism
 is not a free form of religion as we know it.   It is a religion by force of violence and intolerance.

Strengthening our relationships with Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others in the region is critical to confronting ISIS and long-term security in the region.  NATO must continue the re-focusing of efforts in combating ISIS as well.  

Our court systems throughout this nation should NEVER arrive at any decision based on Sharia Law!  



Restore the power of the states back to the states.  Take back our freedoms that have been STOLEN from us by the federal government. Make the states perform their Sovereign Duty.  Repeal the 17th Amendment and restore the U.S. Senate back to the representative election system and not by popular vote. If the 17th Amendment were not currently the law, we would have 70+ Republican U.S. Senators in Congress right now.   Under the current system, big cities like Harrisburg, Philly, and Pittsburgh have too much control over the small townships and other counties in the state when it comes to electing our U.S. Senators.  

Work to keep our Electoral College intact and fight against the under-the-radar movement known as the "National Popular Vote Compact".
This movement WILL give up YOUR state's control of YOUR Electoral College Delegate, to the national popular vote winner.  It is already law in 11 states. 

In January 2017, Pennsylvania state representatives Christopher Rabb, Michael O’Brien, Timothy Briggs, Mark Longietti, Stephen Kinsey, Dan Frankel, Jordan Harris, Donna Bullock, Mark Rozzi, Adam Ravenstahl, Gregory Vitali, Neal Goodman, Mike Carroll, Michael Sturla, Maria Donatucci, Joanna McClinton, and Rosita Youngblood introduced the National Popular Vote bill (Status of HB189). 

If defending our Republic from the globalist agenda is something you care about, please take the time to visit my other website and learn more about the war on our Republic.  www.protectyourvoteusa.org



NO COMMON CORE and cut the power the U.S. Dept of Education has over our local schools.  

Civics is one of the most important topics our children need to be taught.   The foundation and history our great nation teaches us all invaluable lessons in leadership and humanity.   

Vocational / Technical education plays a key role in what Bobby calls "Educational Freedom with a dose of Reality".
Not every student will attend college, this is a Reality.   Programs must be available and accessible to students that are not college bound, this is the Educational Freedom.  



Update: The House passed a bill on 05/04/2017, and now it falls on the U.S. Senate to do their part. The Senate is divided 51 (R) / 49 (D). Any health care legislation that passes the Senate will have to be scrutinized closely.  A clean bill will be a heavy lift for the Senate to produce.  "We the People" cannot afford Obamacare lite to come out of the Senate.   We demand a clean repeal and replace product.   And in further news, the Senate dropped the ball ... Thanks John !!!  

Repeal Obamacare and replace it with free-market based solutions, tax-free health savings accounts, selling insurance across state lines, and NO restrictions of pre-existing conditions.   Risk pooling and block granting Medicaid and Medicare funds to the States' would allow for greater flexibility within the States' budgets.  

With the stalemate in the U.S. Senate over health care, the process they are using is what is causing the stalemate.
Obamacare has made a mess of our healthcare system in this country.   It mashed together 3 main issues without regard to their individual stakeholders (we the people).   We all can see the results of them doing that.   The politicians have managed to complicate the issues beyond belief.  This is one of the main reasons they can not reach consensus.    In order to resolve the stalemate I would propose the following. 
The process should be broken down into 4 steps. 
1. Do a clean repeal of the ACA (Obamacare) with a 2 to 3 year sunset on the current law.
2. Deal with health insurance issues as a single law.  Health insurance is very different than health care.  Politicians should stop confusing the two.  Selling across state lines, non taxed health care savings accounts, keep the pre-existing conditions, and make provisions for families and individuals to customize their own policies based on their personal needs. 
3. Medicaid and Medicare must be secured and stabilized for the citizens of our nation.   We the American worker pay for this benefit through our payroll deductions.   This is not the government's money.  It is our money, the people's money and should not be used to prop up a failing government takeover of our personal health care.  Nor should it used to "make" the states comply with big government's demands on the states.
4. Provide help for low income and disadvantaged citizens through supportive measures and accessibility to either the private insurance market or the public Medicaid / Medicare system.  

By dealing with the issues one at a time it would be much easier to fix the mess known as Obamacare.   

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does the federal government have the power to take over our personal health care.  
Federal government overreach into our individual health care choices MUST be stopped.   


Social security is not an entitlement.   Social security is a benefit that we, the wage earners of this nation paid for through the mandatory payroll deduction.   It was created to benefit the working men and women of this country.   Bobby will work to restore and secure the promise the federal government owes the beneficiaries that paid into it.   Note: our team is working on researching this topic, we can not believe what we are finding out.  More to come on this issue.     



What WE MUST do in order to save our nation is to once again, educate our children about natural law, first principles, and liberty.

How we fix OUR GREAT NATION is
 with the tools our founding documents have written in them for us to follow.

Everyone knows things are messed up; I am fed up !!!  Are you fed up as well?   WE 
 know what must be done to fix it.  We MUST get involved.

ACTION will be required, your action and your friends' action, 
getting involved at any level will be the change that our country needs.  Do you think our history and the unique American culture are under attack? 

Sharing HOW WE fix this country is a message of unity, inspiration and patriotism.

We are the new founding fathers, you and I, and all the people that work with and support us.

All of us, you and I, are the ones that are going to fix this country.

We have a duty to teach and lead people in rediscovering and taking back what the politicians and the DEEP STATE have STOLEN from us.

Freedom and Liberty go hand in hand.

We have God given Liberties.

We have Freedom to pursue our Liberty

We have Freedom to proudly state, “With Liberty and Justice for All” as in our Pledge.

Governments were formed to first guarantee our "Freedom" so we can exercise our "Liberties" in pursuit of happiness…

The first duty of a state is to "jealously guard" individual State Sovereignty.

Our states have lost much of their Sovereignty and can no longer protect us from the heavy hand of the federal government machine.

Hamilton said, “Liberty lives in State Sovereignty”.

Our government has forgotten what their first duty is.

The elected elites have forgotten what their first duty is.

We have to make our state Sovereign once again…

Together, we will take back, and secure, our Individual Freedom so that we may once again pursue Personal Liberty.

Only then can our Individual Freedom be fully protected.

Only then can we exercise our Personal Liberties in pursuit of happiness.

This is a huge task we undertake in making our government provide true state Sovereignty…

We will restore state Sovereignty one bite at a time until our freedoms can be secured by our Local and State governments.

It will take ALL of us working together to save this great Country from the progressives and globalists that infest our government. 

Pennsylvania must lead by example in restoring our sovereign rights.

We demand that our states “jealously guard” and perform their “Sovereign Duty”.

The first duty of our State is to “jealously guard” its “Sovereignty” and protect our “Individual Freedom” so we can pursue “Personal Liberty” in the quest for our own happiness.  

I WILL do this during my campaign.

I WILL do this while in office.

I ask for your support in doing so.

Thank you for reading,

     Your Candidate 
     U.S. Senate

     Bobby Lawrence


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